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Treasury and Cashflow Management




Target Audience:

All accounting and finance professionals who are currently working, or seeking to work, in the treasury department, financing, dealing with banks.


The treasury profession is growing and increasingly attracting innovative, numerate individuals. A career in treasury is an opportunity to work at the heart of an organization providing valuable support to all key functions. Treasury employees research, analyze and inform policy decision-makers on current and emerging economic issues facing the business. These are capital markets and funding; cash and liquidity management; corporate financial management; risk management; and treasury operations and controls. Enrolling in the courses and programs below will result in giving you a competitive edge and the advantage you deserve to start a successful career in this ever-expanding industry.

  • Understanding the roles, responsibilities, tools and strategies associated with treasury management, including international best practices and procedures
  • Enhancing financial management skills in terms of managing assets and liabilities liquidity issues
  • Discuss the various types of risks associated with global organizations, namely interest, exchange, credit and commodity pricing risks and identifying sources and methodologies of risk management in attending to these types of risks
  • Examine the nature, risk and utilization of financial derivatives in addressing financial risks
  • Understand the basic concepts of cash management in order to enhance organizational cash flows and maximize portfolio investment returns


  • An overview of treasury management
  • Market volatility - establishing the need for effective treasury management
  • The strategic role and scope of treasury management
  • Financial management
  • Corporate financial planning and engineering strategies and techniques
  • Liability management strategies, objectives, tools and techniques
  • Risk management
  • Understanding the various market risks that exist
  • A brief overview of various types of market risk measurement, including mark-to-market and value-at-risk (VaR) techniques
  • Tools for market risk management, including limit setting and stress testing
  • Interest rate risk
  • Cash management best practices and techniques
  • Preparing and understanding cash flow statements and financial forecasts
  • Netting and pooling concepts - treasury and cash management within multinational organizations
  • A summary overview of the concepts of investment risks and portfolio investment returns
Course dates: 3- 5 February 2020
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