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FUE Annual Employment Fair 2019

FUE Annual Employment Fair 2019

FUE Annual Employment Fair 2019 “Experience is verified, UPGRADE IS NOW”, is Future University in Egypt’s 10th Employment Fair’s 10th edition that is taking place at the campus of the Future University in Egypt on Monday the 25th of March, with the participation of 50 international and local corporate representatives including Audi, BMW, VW along with local and multinational pharmaceutical companies including Astrazeneca, Global Napi, Al Andalous, and others in various areas of the labor market –including but not limited- Huwaei, Jelecom, Banque Misr, IBG, Luna, Radioshack. The event is realized with efforts of the main sponsors of the fair, WE, the telecom services provider, in addition to the National Bank of Egypt, Hi Pharm, Agile Technologies, DEMO and Hawlett Packard Enterprise, while WUZZUF, and Jobzella are the Career Partners of the Fair.

The Employment Fair –which is not limited to Future University Students- does not only provide a platform for all graduate students to meet up with the representatives of corporates, but also offers fresh graduates the chance to attend presentations and sessions by leading career experts on how to prepare a Curriculum Vitae in the most presentable way and enhance their interview skills.

On this occasion, Dr. Ebada Sarhan, Future University President stated: “The quality of our graduates reflects the developments that have been taking place at Future University. We are particularly excited about our 10th Annual Employment Fair because it brings together a pool of highly qualified skillful graduating students as well as graduates together with a selection of Egypt’s leading companies.”

“Sarhan” stressed Future University’s efforts to provide students with the high quality education level, which prepares them to take part in the market and add value to it. Sarhan said that, “Future University aims not only at contributing to the educational systems in Egypt, but also works towards bridging the gap between the theoretical knowledge and the labor market in an attempt to provide more market leaders.

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