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Business Writing

Course Code :BW 100

Course Hours :12 hours


Course Description

The course introduces the basics of writing effective business letters, emails and minutes of meetings. This is in addition to introducing them to English editing skills including capitalization and punctuation; using more specific words, avoiding trite and vague phrases, stock phrases and deadwood phrases; making better use of metaphors, synonyms and metonymy; varying sentence length, movement and beginning; editing sentences in a logical order for a maximum effect with the use of cohesion and coherence and editing paragraph structures effectively. Lessons will include the development of common formats as well as the practice of appropriate tone, etiquette, and style as dictated by the particular goals of the various business documents supported by samples. Each participant will receive personal feedback and instruction.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Write English business letters
  • Compose English e-mails
  • Write reports
  • Take minutes of meetings
  • Handle the basics of English editing skills
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