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Presentation Skills

Course Code : PS 100

Course Hours: 15 hours


Course Description

This course introduces techniques for delivering more compelling presentations for the experienced presenter. The course discusses techniques for opening and closing presentations and the integration of verbal, nonverbal, and expanded communication skills to better enable participants to develop a unique presentation style. The course covers a systematized method for planning, organizing, creating, preparing, practicing, and delivering audience-centered presentations that achieve action-oriented results.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Assess presentation skills
  • Analyze the audience
  • Plan to meet the audiences’ needs
  • Prepare a presentation
  • Devise strategies for establishing rapport with their audience
  • Implement strategies for establishing rapport with their audience
  • Present a persuasive closing that would motivate the audience to fulfill the call to action
  • Integrate the five P’s of verbal communication—projection, pitch, pronunciation, pace, and pausing—into a unique and compelling vocal delivery style
  • Integrate the four P’s of nonverbal communication—posture, pantomime, position, and passion—into the own unique and compelling delivery style
  • Choose from a wide array of skills—questioning, listening, visualization, harmony, atmosphere—to deliver an audience-centered presentation designed to influence, persuade, and convince them to act
  • Manage a question and answer session
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