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Adobe Flash

course code : af100

course hours: 40 hours


Course Description

The course covers the basics of Adobe Flash providing designers and developers new to the Flash environment with the knowledge and practice needed to create rich Flash content. In addition to learning how to create engaging interactive content with Adobe Flash, the key elements of the Flash interface, including panels, timelines, and frames are included. Working with graphics, creating and editing symbols, modifying text, creating animations, adding interactivity with ActionScript as well as incorporating animation and sound into their projects are all included in the course. Moreover, how to prepare and export finished projects for publishing is also learnt among the skills gained in this course.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and design Flash applications
  • Describe the Adobe Flash environment
  • Identify Adobe Flash features
  • Use the Flash drawing and painting tools
  • Manage timelines using frames and layers
  • Use different techniques to create and edit symbols and instances
  • Implement multiple animation techniques related to Flash
  • Identify masks and guides and ways of applying them
  • Recognize the characteristics of vector and raster images and how they relate to Flash
  • Import images, sounds, video and artwork
  • Implement Flash text objects including static, dynamic, and input
  • Implement basic ActionScript programming
  • Create an interactive movie
  • Implement the various Publishing and Export settings
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