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Advanced Endodontic Microscope

Course Code: AEM 01

Credit Hours: 24

Duration: 4-day course

Course Description

The only course in the Middle East where the powers of ability and knowledge meet. During the course you will learn the different techniques of RETREATMENT with less effort using the latest advanced technology. The course will provide endodontists with scientific lectures and workshops.

Learning Outcomes

The scientific lectures include the following topics:

  • The rationale behind retreatment.
  • The different predisposing factors to failure.
  • The understanding of inter and intra individual variation in decision making among dentists.
  • Decide the need for endodontic retreatment or choose another treatment option.
  • Learn the different methods for disassembly.
  • Manage the of removal of different types of posts.
  • Understand the removal of different types of defective root canal filling.
  • Manage ledges and sharp curvatures.
  • Diagnose different types of perforation and how to repair them.
  • Identify the different causes of instrument separation and practice different techniques for removal.

The workshops include the following topics:

  • Removal of Gutta Percha using H files, gates and retreatment rotary files.
  • Removal of broken instrument using ultrasonics.
  • Perforation repair and regenerative measures.
  • Integration of Computed Volumetric Tomography into diagnosis.
  • Open discussion with a live case demonstration (on patient) in the clinic performed by Prof. Ahmed Abdel Rahman Hashem.

Course Instructor

Advanced Endodontic Microscope
Professor Ahmed Abdel Rahman Hashem
Head of Endodontic Department, Future University in Egypt

- Head of Endodontic Department, Future University in Egypt
- Professor of Endodontics, Ain Shams University
- Director, Future Endodontic Microscope Center
- Faculty, Cleveland Dental Institute, OHIO, USA
- General Secretary, Egyptian Association of Endodontists
- Africa Regent Director, International Federation of Endodontic Associations (IFEA)
- Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Journal of Endodontics

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