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Natural Gas Processing

Course Code : NGP 001

Course Hours : 30 hours


Course Description

The course has been designed to cover the nature of natural gases and condensate systems; concepts of thermodynamics; separation and processing, gas and liquid separation, types of separators, factor affecting separation, stage separation, low temperature separation, dehydration of natural gas, water content of natural gas streams, hydrate control in gas production, dehydration systems, glycol dehydrator design and removal of acid gases.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand pressure-temperature phase diagram of a reservoir fluid
  • Analyze the important specifications for gas, NGL and condensate
  • Determine the water content and hydrate formation conditions for gas streams
  • Understand the techniques to inhibit hydrate formation including injection of equilibrium inhibitors such as methanol and MEG
  • Recognize solutions to example operating problems in gas processing plant
  • Develop solutions to example operating problems in gas processing plant
  • Determine the composition of natural gas and condensate by using the flash calculation system
  • Design the horizontal, vertical and spherical separators
  • Evaluate and select the processes to remove acid gases
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