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The Aesthetic Smile: Diagnosis and Treatment

course code : ASDT001

course hours : 18 hours


Course Description

Until recently, the dentists' concept of an aesthetic smile was limited to the alteration of the teeth. They only concerned themselves with the changes in shape, color or restoration of missing teeth. Today, we recognize the essentials of a smile. It involves the relationship between the three primary components: the teeth, the lip and the gingival tissues. An irregular gingival arrangement, Excessive display of gingiva and inadequate amount of gingival tissues will cause an undesirable smile. The course covers techniques such as gingival architecture that can be corrected with respective or additive gingival techniques. In cases where anterior bridges are fabricated, the thickness and the height of the edentulous might compromise the esthetics form of the final restoration. Techniques are available to correct these deformities.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the smile line
  • Incorporate the proper surgical technique in cases where esthetic dentistry is performed
  • Classify the recessions
  • Predict the success rate of recession according to the case
  • Be familiar with the different techniques
  • Exhibit an understanding of the biological concept of the different procedures
  • Be familiar with the different suturing techniques
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