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Intermediate English (B1+ - Part 1)

Course Code : IE 401

Course Hours : 42 hours


Course Description

This is part 1 of the fourth level English language course. At this level, the language of communication is more advanced and the topics are contemporary. The focus is on fluency and accuracy through the development of sub-skill strategies for interaction, through speaking and writing. Topical and functional lexis provide the reference by which language is introduced and recycled within clear natural contexts. The practice of writing is given through real-world communicative texts.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe different forms of communication
  • Recount experiences in the present
  • Give and respond to opinions
  • Write a study guide
  • Relate experiences of work and training
  • Talk about technology
  • Make and respond to suggestions
  • Write an email giving news
  • Talk about a friendship
  • Describe family relationships
  • Tell a story
  • Write about someone‚Äôs life
  • Describe people and their abilities
  • Talk about feelings
  • Offer and ask for help
  • Write an informal online advert
  • Share your future plans
  • Talk about possibilities and conditions
  • Give reasons, results and examples
  • Write a discussion essay
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