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Upper-Intermediate English (B2 - Part 2)

Course Code: UIE 502

Course Hours : 42 hours


Course Description

This is part 2 of the fifth level English language course. At this level the lexis is more advanced and nuances are subtler allowing for more natural communication. The course focuses on communication through interaction and the development of the productive skills. Writing is further developed through a deeper understanding of meaning by facilitating discussions and debates. Fluency and accuracy are still at the forefront with emphasis placed on topic development.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Discuss choices
  • Talk about changes
  • Make requests while expressing gratitude
  • Write a travel blog
  • Discuss living in cities
  • Propose changes to a home
  • Contemplate how things could be like in the future
  • Write an email to complain
  • Discuss personal finance
  • Talk about moral dilemmas and crime
  • Discuss people‚Äôs lives and achievements
  • Encourage people
  • Write a review
  • Talk about new inventions
  • Express uncertainty
  • Write an essay expressing a point of view
  • Speculate about the past
  • Discuss life achievements
  • Describe how one felt about situations
  • Write a narrative
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