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Young Leaders Program

course code : ylp 001

course hours : 24 hours


Course Description

The aim is to help 12-15 years of age youth in developing themselves socially and emotionally by offering them both personal development skills as well relationship skills. The program focuses on the development of awareness, the ability to express needs, concerns and problems without blaming others. Moreover, the relationship skills covered include: overcoming fear, relating to people who are different, as well as developing action plans. Skills acquired from the program will serve participants for a lifetime.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand themselves and others better
  • Develop skills that can be used in all relationships and throughout life
  • Devise plans to meet needs and goals
  • Overcome fears that block the achievement of goals
  • Get along well with others
  • Resolve problems peacefully
  • Experience less stress and tension in their lives both at home and at school
  • Have higher self-esteem and increased self-confidence
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