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Qualifying Exam OSCE – Part II Preparation Course

Course Code: OSCE – 02

Course Hours: 60-65 hours – mix of webinar and 3 day in-class in Toronto Canada

Prerequisites: Pass the Canadian Board Evaluation Exam (EE)

Course Description

ULTIMA guides the candidates to the best robust clinical decision in a simulated pharmacy set up, by providing unbiased, evidence-based, practical information on many medical conditions, focusing on different therapeutic choices - either pharmacological or non-pharmacological. The course thoroughly addresses the ethical, legal and professional responsibilities and different principles of pharmacy management to ensure safe, effective and efficient patient care.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to master the following core competencies in practice:

  • Advanced communication skills and interpersonal capabilities, essential to deal effectively and empathetically with all patient categories
  • Effective patient counseling and education capabilities to promote better health care awareness
  • Sound professional judgment, prioritizing the patient care and utmost well-being to be in the center of the pharmacist attention
  • Professional interaction skills with all other Health Care Professionals (HCPs) e.g. MDs, nurse practitioners, dentists, physiotherapist ..etc.
  • Proper Identification & resolution of the different categories of Drug Therapy Problems (DTPs)
  • Effective handling of Over the Counter (OTC) scenarios, with the proper pharmacological and non-pharmacological (non-drug) measures recommendations
  • Professional handling of different ethical, legal & practical case scenarios
  • Proper management of the daily pharmacy aspects and team leadership
  • Mastering the different pharmacy ‘non-interactive’ case scenarios, including new Rx screening, Tech. check, blister pack checking and more (in-class)

Please check PEBC website for more details https://www.pebc.ca

Course Dates

Program set up is a mix of webinar (around 40-42 hrs) and in-class (around 21-24 hours)
  • Group 1: starts on the week of March 17th 2019
  • Group 2: starts on the week of April 8th, 2019
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