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The Know-how of Endodontics

Course Code: FUE E02

Credit Hours: 78

Duration: 1 month

Course Description:

(I) Clinically oriented theoretical topics:
  • Understanding the complex root canal morphology from the clinical perspective
  • The art of diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Achieving the pain-free Endodontics ‘Pain control protocols’
  • Isolation in Endodontics ‘Disinfection starts here’
  • Innovation of rotary systems and kinematics ‘safe and efficient instrumentation’
  • Mastering the cleaning and shaping of the root canal system ‘Modern principles and practice’
  • The new Era of Irrigation ‘Recent systems and protocols’
  • The Myth of 3D obturation and Bioceramics ‘Recent techniques and protocols’
  • Challenging the most difficult cases and endodontic errors ‘challenge accepted’
  • Easy management of emergency cases
  • Managing the root canal treatment in primary teeth
  • Regenerative endodontics and tissue engineering
  • Regenerative endodontics and tissue engineering
(II) Workshops and Live demonstrations:
  • Isolation techniques
  • Access cavity preparation under magnification
  • Root canal instrumentation using rotary files
  • 3D Obturation using different techniques
  • Advanced Endodontics, Dealing with different errors and mishaps
    - Perforation repair
    - Ledge bypass
    - Broken instrument bypass and retrieval
(III) Clinical sessions:
  • Each candidate will receive a free training kit (rotary files)
  • Each candidate will perform minimum of 15-20 clinical cases under strict supervision
  • Loupes, apex locators and Endomotors will be available among the candidates to share
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