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FUE Specialized Program: Endodontics




Course Description

The participant will improve his/her clinical skills in diagnosis and conventional root canal preparations of difficult cases in the daily clinical work using the recent modalities in treatment.

Theoretical Topics include the following:

  • Understanding the complex root canal morphology
  • Mastering the Access Cavity Preparation
  • Fundamentals of Magnification
  • How to select your loupes
  • Isolation in Endodontics: The hidden aspect
  • Modern Concepts of cleaning and shaping
  • Mastering different Rotary systems
  • Negative pressure irrigation as final irrigation Protocol...what, when and how?
  • 3D obturation of root canal system
  • The art and science of Diagnosis
  • Radiographic interpretation.
  • Endodontic Pain: Diagnosis & Management.
  • Management of Endodontic emergency
  • Identify different factors affecting the Case Selection
  • Single visit and multiple visit treatment
  • Application of Therapeutics in Endodontics (The art of prescription writing)

Workshops & Hands-on Training

  • Access Cavity preparation under Magnification
  • Rubber Dam Isolation(single& Multiple Techniques of Isolation)
  • Continuous Irrigation During Instrumentation Technique (CIDI) (Using Safe Clean Device)
  • Tips & Tricks of Rotary instrumentation and Hybridization
  • 3D Obturation & Vertical Compaction technique.

Clinical Module

  • Each candidate will have 80 clinical hours to perform a minimum of 15 to 20 clinical cases under close supervision.
  • Each Candidate will operate using: Magnifying Loupes, Apex locator, Endomotor, Digital Radiography
  • Additive Armamentarium: Surgical operating microscope, Ultrasonic Device and Thermal Compaction device
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