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OET Preparation Course

Course Dates and fees:

Weekdays: Monday and Wednesday evening hours from 5pm to 10pm.

Month From To
January Jan 2nd Jan 30th
February Feb 4th Feb 27th
March Mar 4th Mar 27th
April Apr 1st Apr 24th
May May 6th May 29th
June Jun 10th Jul 3rd
July-August Jul 15th Aug 7th
September Sep 2nd Sep 25th
October Oct 2nd Oct 30th
November Nov 4th Nov 27th
December Dec 2nd Dec 25th

Weekends: Morning hours Friday from 1pm to 6pm
                                           Saturday from 10am to 3pm.

Month From To
January Jan 4th Jan 26th
February Feb 8th Mar 2nd
March Mar 8th Mar 30th
April Apr 5th Apr 27th
May May 10th Jun 1st
June Jun 14th Jul 6th
July-August Jul 19th Aug 10th
September Sep 6th Sep 28th
October Oct 4th Oct 26th
November Nov 8th Nov 30th
December Dec 6th Dec 28th
Fees: EGP 3500 including course materials and Cambridge Placement test.
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